EUSES : From the Social Business Initiative to the Social Economy Action Plan

Thursday, 27 May 2021
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On Thursday 27 May between 11:30 and 13:00, Denis Stokkink, President of POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ-PLS, will participate in the panel discussion "From the Social Business Initiative (2011) to the Social Economy Action Plan" at the Mannheim Conference on Social Economy.

The session will present the social economy’s needs and potential policy options for the European Commission's upcoming Social Economy Action Plan, foreseen for the final quarter of 2021, based on the study on the impact of the Social Business Initiative (SBI). The session will also provide an opportunity for the participants to comment and provide input into the Action Plan. After the interventions, the floor will be opened to comments and questions from the audience. 

Speakers :

  • Anna Athanasopolou, European Commission (DG GROW)
  • Estelle Bacconnier, European Commission (DG GROW)
  • Ann Branch, European Commission (DG EMPL)
  • Giulia Galera (EURICSE)
  • Silke Haarich (Spatial Foresight),
  • Miia Rossi-Gray, European Commission (DG EMPL)
  • Wolfgang Spiess-Knafl (ECSF)
  • Denis Stokkink, POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ-PLS
  • Suzanne Wisse-Huiskes (EUCLID)


Denis Stokkink